2023.12.19Thailand’s Internet Access: Your seamless gateway to remote work and exploration

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Ana Soliven
Internet access and speed are crucial to be able to work remotely and we’ll explore the state of internet connectivity in Thailand.

Thailand has been a top destination for the tech-savvy tribe of digital nomads. Internet access and speed are crucial to be able to work remotely. This article will explore the state of internet connectivity in Thailand – the availability of high-speed networks and various providers to consider for those thinking of staying connected whilst embarking on an adventure in the Land of Smiles.    

Internet Infrastructure  

  The Thailand government has heavily invested in expanding the country’s broadband capabilities resulting in generally stable and fast internet connections, especially in major urban centres and popular tourist destinations.      

High-Speed Internet Options  

  Most apartments, guest houses and co-working spaces in cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket offer reliable fixed broadband connections with impressive speeds.     According to ookla.com, Thailand takes the top spot of countries with a fast internet in tropical remote work countries, with an average download speed of 196.2 Mbps Q1 2023.    

The top 3 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) deliver excellent service with a range of plans:  


Internet Regulation and Censorship  

  The Thai government does impose certain restrictions on content deemed inappropriate or against national security. Compared to neighbouring countries, censorship of content is generally lenient but digital nomads should be aware of regulations and exercise discretion when using the internet for any activity that might fall under scrutiny.      

Tips and tools  

  Use internet speed tests to make sure that the internet meets your work requirements before settling in a location, especially when considering rural destinations. Also, consider using VPN to bypass geo-restrictions.       Thailand’s Internet infrastructure is undoubtedly one of the country’s key attractions as a tropical destination for digital nomads. The convenience of Thailand’s Nomadic Visa has also attracted a thriving digital nomad community, empowering nomads to take advantage of the low cost of living and tax benefits.

With a variety of ISPs with affordable plans available and lenient restrictions regarding censorship compared to neighbouring countries, Thailand offers a great environment for remote workers to explore the wonderful culture it has to offer with open arms. Take your time exploring every grain of sand with the Thai Nomadic Visa and let us know how you go! With Thailand’s high speed and internet reliability, we’d love to digitally hear from you – let’s stay connected.
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