2024.03.05The Benefits of a Digital Nomad Visa over a Tourist Visa Explored

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Ana Soliven
Legitimacy, Tax and Social Incentives and extended stay favour a Digital Nomad Visa over a Tourist Visa giving freedom to immerse yourself in the lifestyle and work remotely in your host country.

A lot of pioneering adventures are exploring global citizenship with remote work and travel being easily accessible like never before. Rather than a trend, remote work has become a mainstay in many organisations, inspiring many people to pursue the lifestyle of being a digital nomad. Countries are pivoting to accommodate these travellers offering Digital Nomad Visas as an alternative to Tourist Visas. With legalities of working in a foreign country being complex, here’s why opting for the Digital Nomad Visa instead of a Tourist Visa is a game changer for remote workers.        

Legal Legitimacy  

  Tourist Visas are strictly for leisure and short-term visits and are not designed for those intending to work remotely. It’s worth looking up if the country you’re embarking on offers a Digital Nomad Visa to give you peace of mind that you’re on the right side of the law and not violating any visa regulations. Digital Nomad Visas grant you the legal right to work in your host country.        

Extended stay  

  Digital Nomad Visas are conversely tailored for extended stays – from 6 months to up to 2 years in some cases. Comparative to the tourist visa which often come with a limited time of stay ranging from a few weeks to a few months, you’re given more time with the Digital Nomad Visa to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, culture and establish a routine that coincides with your productivity as a remote worker.        

Tax Benefits  

  Under a tourist visa, income generated in a foreign country as a remote worker might fall in a complex legal grey area that you might need to navigate. Digital Nomad Visas simplify the daunting process of navigating tax obligations of working in a foreign country saving you time by offering clear guidelines and also potentially saving Digital Nomads money where some countries offer tax incentives. These guidelines and incentives are absent in Tourist Visas, leading to adding a lot of unexpected overhead in administration and possibly cost more money in the long run.        

Access to Local Services  

  Digital Nomad Visas allow access to local services that Tourist Visas do not provide. Amenities and services such as holding local bank accounts, subscribing to health services, securing rental agreements for both residential and transport (some countries need local permits to own cars). Digital Nomad Visas can enhance your experience in a foreign country by truly immersing yourself in their ecosystem compared to the short term stay that a Tourist Visa would be limiting.        

Pathways to Residency  

  Whilst Tourist Visas offer no pathways to residency, a Digital Nomad Visa by virtue of its longer duration and establishment of economic ties might leverage towards applying for a residency or even citizenship in some cases. Portugal’s D7 Visa and Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa are popular stepping stones in establishing a pathway to a more permanent stay.    

Embarking on a journey as a Digital Nomad is exciting especially because you’re unlocking a different way of travelling to foreign countries that is more immersive. Exploring the Digital Nomad Visa for your travels cannot be overstated when compared to a Tourist Visa because it provides legitimacy and belonging. With a Digital Nomad Visa, you are recognised by your host country as a contributing remote worker resulting in adding layers of security and confidence in your nomadic journey. Take advantage in what most countries offer under a Digital Nomad Visa like tax incentives and social integration. As a Digital Nomad, you can enjoy the security, stay longer and enjoy the culture that your host country has to offer. What’s the first country that you’ll visit as a Digital Nomad? Reach out to us and we’d love to share your story with other Nomads like you!
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