2023.12.06Your guide to Thailand’s Nomadic Visa: A ticket to live in the Land of Smiles.

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Ana Soliven
Thailand’s Long Stay Visa and how it opens doors to digital nomads working remotely and exploring the land of smiles.

Until recently, nomads would have to leave Thailand every few months on a tourist visa. Renewal was as simple as leaving to nearby countries like the Philippines, or Malaysia. The pandemic has made the single-entry tourist visa difficult to stay longer than 90 days, especially with quarantine rules. To increase tourism revenue, Thailand introduced a long stay single entry visa (Non-Immigrant O-X Visa) allowing digital nomads to enjoy the amazing tropical landscape, national dishes with a unique flavour profile and the welcoming hospitality of its people. This article will delve into the details of Thailand’s Long Stay Visa and how it opens doors to living in Thailand and working remotely as a digital nomad.    

Understanding the Visa  

  In November 2016, to promote long-term stay for foreign travellers in Thailand, the Cabinet approved a new scheme allowing people from 14 countries to stay in Thailand for a maximum period of 10 years. Applicants must apply for Non-O-X Visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or when applying outside of Thailand, the Royal Thai Consulate-General.    


  Applicants must meet certain requirements set by the Thai authorities. It’s important to keep current with these requirements as they are subject to change with the most up-to-date details available at the nearest Thai consulate. At this moment, the following details are needed for eligibility:    

  • Must be citizens approved by one of the eligible countries approved by Thailand for the Smart Visa program.    
  • Must be aged between 20-50 years.    
  • Proof of continuous source of income from outside Thailand is required, a regular paycheck, freelance work or online business earnings.    
  • Health insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in Thailand    
  • Provide a clear criminal record from their home country or country of residence.    

How to Apply  

  The Visa application process requires you to submit the required documents to the Thai consulate. The Thai government will review and approve the documents and once approved, you’re given a single-entry Visa into Thailand whereas you needed to report your location every 90 days into Thailand on a tourist Visa.      



  • The Non-O-X Visa not only allows for a longer stay in Thailand, but it also comes with some benefits in immersing yourself in the culture the land of smiles has to offer by establishing a base in this destination to feel like home. Benefits include:    
  • A longer stay than what digital nomads would historically use which was the 60-day tourist visa with a 30-day extension into Thailand. The Non-O-X Visa would prevent having to leave Thailand after 90 days and re-enter, a practice some nomads would go through to extend their stay.    
  • The Non-O-X Visa allows for the purchase of a vehicle, or /and a condominium which isn’t available under the usual tourist visa.    
  • You can also work as a volunteer under the Non-O-X visa.     Additionally, Digital Nomads can enjoy tax benefits as they’re exempt from taxes on income earned outside of Thailand. You will also have access to healthcare and the cost of living in Thailand is generally low.    
Thailand’s Long Stay (Non-O-X) Visa offers a great opportunity for Digital Nomads to set long-term roots in exploring the tropical paradise. Offering a max of 10 years stay, ease of application and an infrastructure that provides fast reliable internet, you can immerse yourself in Thailand’s wonderful tropical climate and welcoming culture. Working remotely in Thailand provides a low cost of living and tax benefits that digital nomads are attracted to, even before the long-stay visa was available. Without the inconvenience of having to re-enter the country every 90 days on a tourist visa, you can take advantage of the long-stay visa and apply today to get you enjoying one of Thailand’s wonderful white sand beaches and pristine waters sooner.
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