2023.11.22Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa – a ticket to embarking on a nomadic adventure.

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Ana Soliven
The essential details of the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa allowing you to embark on an adventure as a location-independent professional.

With a focus on attracting talent, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa became available in 2022 for remote workers. Utilise the Spanish siestas to work online, and once you log off, experience an endless list of historical places to explore, visit bars and places to eat. Spain is known for its vibrant and warm culture. Spaniards live a lifestyle that centre around passion, prioritising time to live and enjoy life. This article will delve into essential details of the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa, allowing you to embark on an adventure as a location-independent professional.     spainquote.png   

Understanding Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa  

As part of the Startup Act, Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa was approved by the Spanish Parliament in November 2022. It aims to encourage entrepreneurship and boost the Spanish tech scene with a focus to “attract and retain international and national talents by helping remote workers and digital nomads set up in Spain” – Nadia Calviño // Economic Affairs Minister.      

Eligibility Requirements  

The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa is available to professionals who are non-EU or EEA (European Economic Area) citizens earning an income for at least 3 months for a company, employer or self-employed located outside of Spain. Additionally, the Visa allows for family inclusion, embracing your nomadic lifestyle to include your loved ones.     You will need to provide the following documents at a minimum as proof of eligibility:  

  • Valid passport  
  • Certificate of criminal record  
  • Proof of residence in a consular district  
  • Health insurance  
  • Proof of financial means and proof of working for at least 3 months in a foreign company  
  • Proof of a university degree or professional certificate confirming the applicant has 3 years of professional experience.    

How to Apply?  

  The digital nomad visa checklist is available online. Make sure you keep up to date with any changes to requirements by revisiting the website. Prior to the Visa Application, you must apply for a National Identity Number (NIE) in person at your nearest Spanish Consulate. Once you have the required documentation, you must submit the visa applications and pay the application fee in person to the consulate.    

Living and Working in Spain as a Digital Nomad  

The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa is known for a swift visa application result with turnaround time expected at 15-45 days. Remote workers also have a tax benefit of paying 15% during the first 4 years instead of the usual 24%. The Visa residence permit can be extended up to 5 years to stay longer and take in more of Spain’s culture and lifestyle whilst working remotely. With Spain’s level of internet access at 96.08% in December 2022 according to EUROSTAT, the Digital Nomad Visa is something to be utilized for the remote professional wishing to be location independent. Most of the cities have the infrastructure available to work remotely including a variety of co-working spaces to stay connected with fellow nomads.

Remote working has disrupted the traditional way of working. For many digital professionals, you no longer need to be rooted in a location close to where you work. For those that want to take advantage of a nomadic lifestyle, what better place to start by applying for Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa. Immerse yourself in the Spanish culture, rich history and landscape whilst being able to have the infrastructure to work in a country that encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. Explore your eligibility for the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa and take the first step by signing up to be the first to know when RoamFree is live. If you meet the requirements apply at your nearest Spanish Consulate. It won’t be long till you’re tapping the keyboard during siesta and meeting up for tapas with friends once you log off.
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