2024.01.28Productivity in Paradise - the best co-working spaces that Thailand has to offer.

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Ana Soliven
We've listed co-working spaces in Thailand with a stable and high-speed internet connection as essential to fostering productivity.

Digital Nomads are thriving with remote work becoming more common. Thailand has emerged as a leading hotspot for Digital Nomads with the country’s low cost of living and a plethora of exotic and diverse locations available for anyone working remotely to explore. From white sand beaches to tropical jungles, what’s essential to Digital Nomads is a high-speed and stable internet connection and an environment that fosters productivity. This article will list the best co-working spaces throughout Thailand where not only do they provide great amenities and networking communities but have the staff at these hubs welcome you with a smile on their face.    

Punspace - Chiang Mai  

A serine hub for a variety of digital nomads, Punspace is the first co-working space in Chiang Mai, open since 2013. Both of their locations have a variety of options regarding pricing options from hotdesking, to reserved seats and private offices. They also provide a prepaid day pass for visitors. With a long list of amenities including parking, shower and pantry areas, this co-working space has high reviews from people boasting about its friendly staff and great indoor and outdoor workspaces. There’s a strong community of digital nomads that use the space and events are provided for members to network. There are a variety of great restaurants that surround the space and the coffee available gets top reviews.    

KoHub - Koh Lanta  

A stunning beachfront co-working space for those seeking an island escape to work remotely. Away from the tourist hubs and having access to high-speed internet, KoHub is all-inclusive. The location offers authentic food, aircon bungalows by the beach and an endless supply of coffee. The owners have a strong drive for the space to be sustainable including an organic garden that fuels the vegan-friendly restaurant, homemade treats stored in re-usable packaging, and solar power. KoHub is closed during the rainy season (November -April) but for the rest of the year, you’re able to book time and experience being a digital professional in a remote beach location.    

The Hive - Bangkok  

The Hive group has multiple locations around Southeast Asia. Its Thailand locations offer hot desks and private offices with several facilities available to its members including a mailbox locker, a café and community events available to digital nomads seeking company with their tribe. Its Bangkok location being in the vibrant heart of the city, any nomad would feel right at home working in any of these affordable but top co-working spaces.    

BAYACO Co-working space - Phuket  

Equipped with high-speed internet, comfortable seating and modern amenities, the top-rated co-working space that BAYACO provides is ideal for Digital Nomads. Their affordable membership fee, access to local catering for events and regular digital nomad community events foster a great space for digital nomads to be productive and explore the beaches that Thailand has to offer.    

Thailand’s coworking spaces revolutionised the way professionals work and explore the world around them. Offering top amenities to digital nomads through high-speed connectivity, comfort and recommendations, and sometimes access to the best local food in the area. The co-working spaces available are scattered throughout the diverse Thai landscape, from tree-top jungles to white sand beaches to the hustle and bustle of the city but all provide a thriving community of like-minded travellers. Remote working gives you the freedom from a singular destination – more than ever, we’re able to work by the beach or jungle and are free to explore once we turn off the laptop. It’s wonderful that there are many businesses available to foster the nomadic lifestyle, happy to greet you when you walk in.
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